Bio Ionic Kerasmooth™ Treatment


I wanted to tell you how great the Kerasmooth Keratin straightening service that Denise Genova and Kim Lukasik offer at Beauty on Robertson is. Although the pictures speak for themselves, it did wonders for my hair. Not only did it straighten out the kinks, curls and frizz, it gave my hair a shine and bounce that it never had before.

“My hair is SO much easier to deal with… knots and tangles every morning! There is no need to spend all morning before work combing and trying to control my hair with pomades and frizz elimination products. The best part is that unlike other straighteners, it didn’t take long. The keratin product was on my hair for 15 minutes with a 15 minute rinse afterwards.

“Now, styling my hair is really easy, a quick 5 minute blow dry. Occasionally, I flat-iron for 5 minutes. I love the Kerasmooth Keratin and will definitely do it again. I like the fact that the curl gradually comes back without damage to the hair shaft. If you have wild, curly, out of control hair like mine, you have to try this.”
Sincerely, Barbara Franker

Natalie before 11/09 Natalie After 11/09
After a haircut and the Bio Ionic treatment my hair now looks and feels incredible – shiny, silky, soft, relaxed, easy to style and brush. I’m very happy with the results. I recommend the Beauty on Robertson salon to all my friends and cannot wait when I will come here again.

cheri before Kerasmooth treatment
cheri after Kerasmooth treatment

I have had coarse, curly hair all my life and have struggled to style it.  I remember the days of orange juice cans as rollers and actually putting my head on an ironing board and my mom ironing my hair.  Lately, I’ve learned to blow it out and flat iron it, but nothing has made my hair feel and look as wonderful as the Kerasmooth treatment.  The entire process took less than 2 hours.  My hair is shiny and silky.  What used to take more than 30 – 45 minutes to style, now takes under 15 minutes.  Denise and Kim were so sweet and took great care to explain exactly what they were doing.  Unlike other products that I have heard of, the smell was minimal.  I am so happy with my hair.  This was a great decision.
Cheri Lee

Tabitha before Kerasmooth
Tabitha after Kerasmooth Treatment

Bio Ionic Inc., was founded by professional stylist Fernando Romero.
One-Step (No Neutralizer) & Formaldehyde-FREE, KeraSmooth™ is a simple, time-saving treatment that defrizzes, devolumizes, smoothes & straightens any hair type!

We chose to implement the Bio Ionic KeraSmooth™ Anti-Frizz Treatment, specifically because KeraSmooth™ does not contain Formaldehyde,  Aldahyde  (or any other derivatives of Formaldehyde) as well as Ether.
Inhaling these ingredients when they become heated with a flat iron may be dangerous to your health; please see:
We have chosen to not allow any straightening/conditioning products containing Formaldehyde,  Aldahyde  (or any other derivatives of Formahldehyde) at Beauty on Robertson to protect clients and stylists from any potential health hazards.
The ingredients in KeraSmooth™ consist of  Keratin, White henna, and 3% of  perm solution as well as contains NanoIonic™.
Keratin-Henna formulas strengthen hair, add shine, and improve elasticity. NanoIonic™ Complex hydrates and conditions hair, leaving hair healthy, hydrated and more manageable.

The hair is cleansed with a clarifying shampoo to start, then the appropriate solution (based on your hair type) is applied.
The treatment will stay on your hair anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, then the solution is thoroughly rinsed out of the hair.
After that,  we use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, then your hair is blown dry and flat ironed.
You cannot wash your hair for 3 days after the procedure, nor can you put into a pony tail, etc. Your hair must stay dry and straight for those 3 days after the treatment.
Each treatment lasts for up to 12 weeks. *(duration of results depends on how often you wash your hair, and use of the appropriate shampoo and conditioner).
The hair is NOT permanently straightened with this product , and there will not be a line of demarkation as the hair grows out. Your curl will come back within 12 weeks.
Denise Genova and Kim Lukasik perform this procedure together to ensure even saturation of product, as well as to speed up the process and ensure excellent results.
The entire process takes about and hour and half from start to finish *(longer, thicker hair, may take more time).
We offer a package that provides you with the proper shampoo and conditioner for use at home.
Call Denise at 310.360.0006 to set up a free consultation.

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